“A Relationship Like This…”

For the past few months I’ve been observing via social networks this sudden rise in interest amongst young people in pursuing a solid relationship. Now, I don’t know if this sudden facination or obsession with having a partner is something that I’ve just noticed, or whether the media’s portrayal of ‘power couples’ such as Beyonce and Jay-z and Kim and Kanye has sparked it.

Although alot of young people are now aspiring for solid, long term and faithful relationships, whereby they aim to implement all the values that keep a relationship going, I still feel some of them have their head in the clouds.  I’m sure many of us have seen the jarring ‘A relationship like this…’ pictures via Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook. But a couple play fighting, kissing, holding hands or what ever does not ensure that they are a happy couple in a healthy relationship. Yes, physical affection makes up a huge part of many modern relationship, but in order to maintain a relationship their are many other aspects that need constant and consistent nurturing. Can you communicate with them effectively? Can you support them in their hardest times? Are you able to respect their personal values and beliefs? Can you overlook their flaws? Will your interest in them remain consistent and genuine? These are just some of them questions you must ask yourself before starting a relationship with someone.

 In my opinion a healthy relationship requires that you put your childishness behind you and accept that you must now learn to compromise, be supportive, communicate like an adult and be affectionate in MORE than just a physical way. Can you do that? In no way am I saying that young people shouldn’t aspire for a relationship. In fact, this makes me proud and little more hopeful for our generation.  But don’t be fooled by a picture of Jay and Bey cuddling. We don’t know what happens once the camera is gone. And besides, no relationship is perfect and assuming such a thing is childish and unrealistic. All relationships go through trials and it is these trials that makes your foundation stronger, strengthens your maturity and shows you what love really is.

Anywho, all I’m saying is love is more than a cute picture of a ‘power couple.’ It’s more than hugs and kisses. It’s a lot more than any one can tell you. So be prepared before you wish for ‘A relationship like this…”



Peace&love xo

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